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mfa for macOS

An xbar plugin and stand-alone shell tool for interacting with TOTP mfa codes. The current version is built for YubiKey but the legacy version included can be used independently and only requires oath-toolkit.

mfa for Gnome

An argos plugin and stand-alone shell tool for interacting with TOTP mfa codes, built for YubiKey.

vscode extension pack

This extension pack was originally only intended for my own use but a few folks have found it handy. I’m frequently installing VSCode on various systems and was looking for a quick and easy way to ensure I always pulled the extensions I frequently use. Because this is an extension ‘pack’, you can easily dump any of the extensions you don’t want or need. Having used this set of tools over a long period of time, I’ve never found it to bog down the app or cause any difficulty for me.

arcolinux customization for xfce and gnome environments

Arcolinux is an arch linux distribution I like to experiment with. The maintainers tend to throw everything including the kitchen sink in as selectable options at install-time, and I’ve found it helpful to be able to compare their implementations for packages or solutions with my own. My repositories include post-setup shell scripts that assume a base set of options during OS install, then fill in the gaps with the tools, packages, or customizations that I regularly work with.